the glam expat spouse life

My son's online tutor thinks I go to cocktail parties every night.  She is hilarious.

Today I started my day by trying to get one kid's yellow card filled out.  That is no longer a thing at my warm and fuzzy post.  So I left fuming.

Meeting with CLO.  My favorite CLO so my blood pressure dropped a bit.

Gym, boring and my foot hurts again.

I know, cooking dinner will make me feel productive, right?  Turns out the chicken went WAY bad despite the date on the package.  So as of right now, we are having broccoli for dinner.

Then the ever high drama Girl Scout t-shirts had their first hiccup of the season.  Our design was rejected because of 'the rules' - I wish I had a set of all these rules since I am a big time ruler follower.  Back to the drawing board for my in house graphic designer.

Tonight - cocktail party?  No, knit night which is even better than a cocktail party.  Maybe we can play the new TH drinking game I made up today!

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  1. ah yes...the myth of the cocktail parties...even on the instances that we get invited, they are always these weird affairs where everyone is throwing themselves at the shrimp bowl and pushing in line as if they have never seen shrimp before...