Pros and Cons about life in Moscow

The New Diplomat's Wife is hosting a Pro's and Con's about your post, her's is here, and mine is below.

Top 5

1.  Moscow! The city is fantastic, there is so much to see and do, onion domes all over the place

2. The summer - seriously, do not leave town in the summer with every other expat. Summer is divine. Light from 5 am till 11, everyone goes outside and enjoys it.

3.  Russians. For real. Russians can be guarded if they don't know you, but once they know you they are very warm. Even just out and about if you need help, all you need to do is ask. Baby strollers will be lifted up the stairs by any and every man going by.

4. You can find almost everything here. Does your kid suddenly need a bathing suit, or do you need panty hose? Easily done in Moscow. And do not believe the hype, some things are a little more $$, but a lot of things are fine or even cheaper than at home right now.

5. The metro! Seriously every metro station has a story. Some have a more beautiful to look at story.  Go on a tour or something. The yellow one is my favorite.

The not so top 5

1. The winter. It hits a lot of people hard. Use your happy lamp. Light a lot of candles, put up white fairy lights and go outside! Make yourself go outside, it really does help. And do not whine about the weather, it's Russia, grow up!

2. The current expat environment. Some expats here these days are stressed, unsure of what is to come.  Some are chronically paranoid. Avoid both groups if you can. And paranoia is an extremely catchy thing.

3.  The traffic. It really can be horrific. Be prepared to do a lot on foot. Bring a granny cart and some decent walking shoes and boots.

4. Lack of nature. I am lucky as my house overlooks a little green park, but a lot of people completely lack green. It is tiring after a while. There are parks but they are a pain to get to. Try and make sure your R & R reconnects you with mother earth.

5. Sanctions. They are currently a bit of a thing. In my day to day life I can no longer buy Finnish milk that my kids will drink, the apple selection if shrinking and no parm cheese to be found. But are we eating beets and buckwheat for every meal? No, Russians eat normal stuff and it is easy to find.

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  1. Hilarious. Waaaaah for winter!!! Someone in Recife complained about too much sun coming into their apartment. TOO MUCH SUN. I nearly choked on my beer.