Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I have been amusing myself these days.  I am having a love affair with felt and wool and on and on with the handcrafts.

I may start checking in here more often - just to keep a record of my days.  Also it is starting to feel like there could be light at the end of the tunnel…post wise.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cracking me up

If I had better IT skills, I would be able to take a screen shot of a small texting conversation I just had…but alas I have no skills, so I will just retype it.  I have a lot of such odd little conversations with a couple of people

F: Can you speak Danish?

Me: No.

F: Can you speak any Danish at all?

Me: No.

F: Can you fake it?

Me: Doubtful.

F: How about Swedish?  Real or fake?

Monday, February 2, 2015

FS sew along

A couple of days ago I was chatting with my long distance FS pal, Eve, about the usual - sewing and making and crafts and she told me Oliver + S was having a sale.  I suggested a sew along and she was in.  We are making the Carousel dress - mine for my almost 10 year old and hers for her almost 4 year old.

The fabric is from the odd little fabric store down the street.  That place is heavy on the tablecloths and sheets, but at least they humor me with my poor Russian and I always walk away with something.

Let the sewing begin!  After I iron that 6 meters of fabric, and cut out a dress and find thread...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

this week is shaping up to be less a jerk

I have been knitting on the cat chew toy sweater and that is all good.  Had excellent, smart women knit night last night.  And got the yarn for this behemoth of a thing.

Music is always a good thing too to improve things.

Lovely, beautiful, silly, English. I used to live in Athens, Georgia, I know a thing or two about good music.  This guy is good.

And then we have my 11 year old's favorite rock band.  Not in the least.  His favorite is the 2nd violin, wearing the Star Wars shirt AND a watch.  If you happen to have a serious violin teacher from the Moscow Conservatory who tells you things like "Real violinists NEVER wear watches" then you get some joy out of pulling up the video and proving her wrong.  Frederick Oland also happens to be the concertmaster of the Copenhagen Philharmoic and looks like a fun guy which is appealing when your 11.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Last week was a jerk

There are some women here who I work with and man alive they like the drama.  Anything can be made into a passive aggressive soap opera.  I am over it.

So in an effort to combat their drama, I got back out the above sweater.  I knit like gang busters on it in the fall, and then my mean cat ate a giant hole in the back and I just put it away.  So far it's been very calming to get it back out, rip back to the cat hole, and knit on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The making and using up of the stash continues.  I have a really neat stress rash/virus rash, so I am happy to stay at home and will myself not to itch all day.  It is fun times.  The above is a Noro creation I am making up.  I only have one skein left so I think I can make it work into a hat.

And another self designed number.  This was left over Jamison fingerling yarn from a fair isle hat from a few years ago.  It was a pain to weave in all the ends and in the end I made it a tiny bit too shallow for my own head.  Luckily one of the kids likes it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

the low stress guide to a consumables shipment

Low stress and consumables?!  In the same sentence?  yes indeed.  I am setting out to have a low stress/ no stress consumables shipment experience.

This summer we are moving to a somewhat European country that still has a consumables allowance.  We are lucky that we will be able to drive in one direction to an EU country and in another direction to a tiny military base that may or may not still be in business when we arrive at post.  I have been offered advice from some very tightly wound women about how to go about consumables.  I have also seen some drama filled posts on TH.  I plan to do the opposite!

This is my hand written on-going list.  It is in the back of my knitting pattern notebook, so it is always around.  I started jotting thing down a month or so ago as they came to me.

Here is my list so far -

Miracle Whip - don't judge, PJ's had it when I was a child in Africa and I grew up eating it
pizza sauce
pizza flour
Clorax spot cleaner
pear slices in mass - my picky daughter loves them, what can I say?
pancake syrup - yes, the gross stuff, not maple syrup
light brown sugar - lots
dark brown sugar - less than lots
almond - mint extract
pumpkin puree
baking powder
baking soda
tabasco sauce
salsa - gallons
chickpeas ?
paper plates for parties
napkins for parties
wrapping paper
tinfoil - cause sometimes local stuff sucks
saran wrap- again local stuff sucks sometimes
cooking decorating sugars and fun stuff
food coloring
soy sauce
Asian cooking stuff
baking chocolates
dog food
cat food
dog treats
almonds - in bulk because I love them

That's it so far.  And am I going to order all this from some special company?  No I am not.  I am going to drive to Costco, and Harris Teeter and maybe Trader Joe's even though I don't quite get the hype about that store.  And then I am going to pile it up in my mother's dining room until a moving company type guy comes to collect it.

* if you are moving to deep dark Africa.  The Africa of my childhood.  This list is not really for you.  Or it could be page 1 of 50.  I know I will be able to buy flour and olive oil and milk and lots of foreign but normal enough stuff.  Deep dark Africa may or may not have those things these days, so this list is not for you people going there.