a get away

After 3 years in Siberia, I mean Moscow, where tickets out of town were $$$, I was excited to give Wizz Air a try. So last Monday we got up at 3 am to head out of town to Oslo. Easy peasy. Except for the time....the flight back was also early when you factor in the fact the Wizz Air airport was actually a 2 hour train ride from Oslo....but all good otherwise. Highly recommended an Oslo Pass. Sort of expensive up front but totally worth it if you go to five museums, which we did and then some. Oslo is easy though, everyone speaks English, lots of diversity, lots of cool stuff. We saw the Scream so the kids are happy campers.

And I am a happy camper because we went to this place - the department store, Glasmaginent. So lovely. In the basement is a fabulous yarn store and all the Norwegian folk costuming you could dream of.

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