113 days

I would have had more to show if not for the little insomniac in the upper right corner.  Fyokla, the non sleeping puppy came to stay for the long weekend.

The sew along with Eve is going.  I started the dress but got hung up a bit on the interfacing part in step one.  So I did what I always do and skipped ahead to all other parts of the dress I could sew together.  I need to find about 20 minutes when I am not tired to try and tackle the not that clear interfacing instructions.

And the blanket went away.  The blanket, I bought all this lovely wool - cashmere yarn for at Wool Spinning City so long ago in Beijing.  It just didn't turn out.  I even tried to felt it but no luck.  So I chucked it.  Sad but that's life.

Things are rolling along as far as the move goes.  Last night we snuck the giant labrador and his crate down to the mailroom and were slightly horrified to discover he has gained about 12 lbs during our three years in Moscow.  Hello cargo shipping charges.  Anyway, today the final ball should get rolling on securing our plane tickets.  Book early people is my advice on that subject.  If you have pets, the day your TM4 comes in.  For real.

Up next - neighborhood yard sale - where I hope to unload more stuff/crap/things

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