crafty and the fs

I have a very crafty daughter.  I am not sure where she gets it - oh, right - probably me!  She is after me all the time for more to do.  So last Christmas we printed out a christmas tree and taped it on the wall and I let her go to town.  She was a mature 8 and can control a marker enough to not have them bleed through the paper though…This year we have done the same and it is just as fun.
Check it out here

And because I am always on the look out for fs helpful decorating ideas….

Ikea is selling fabric with a photo of a Xmas tree printed on it.  Decorating lifestyle bloggers have been using it for all kinds of decorating.  Including this clever advent calendar.  Ikea does not seem to be selling the fabric online, but perhaps your local Ikea has it or your mom can mail you a tree - at around 2 yards, it is way easier than a real fake tree and the guys in the mailroom won't talk about you.  win-win.

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  1. Great tree idea! I remember seeing that at Ikea, but it was pre-first-post departure and I wasn't enlightened yet :) Maybe next year we can collaborate on a Christmas tree substitute round-up! Happy New Year