I understood Russian while I passed out

This morning I had a lovely local experience.  They are always lovely and quirky and local.  For boring reasons I was sent to a local clinic for a blood draw.  I had to fast which was part of my problem.  I checked in using mime.  I went to the back room, again with mime.

I started feeling a little funny when I had to stretch my right arm across my body to lay flat on the table to my left.  I felted funnier when they cleaned my arm with what smelled like industrial strength rubbing alcohol.  I shut my eyes tight and after a minute the lab lady seemed to get that I would not be opening them again to help with our mime dance.  And then as my head hit the table, I know without any doubt or very many Russian lessons, that she said "They sent me a fainter!" and maybe some curse words.

Luckily it was a quick faint.  I guess that is lucky?  Before I knew it I was sipping a juice box and being dragged across the hall for snacks and more drinks.  What was across the hall you wonder?  Why a Baskin and Robbins of course.  From what I could tell, it is in business to be the labs break room and cafeteria.  And they sell breakfast here which I did not know was a thing.

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