international schools have breaks that never end

This is work day #2 of my daughter being home from school for winter break.  She is home until January 12th.  That is forever for a girl who constantly wants to do something.  Not helping matters is - every other girl, remotely her age, is gone.  Gone to exotic fun locals. So she is bored.

So I bring out the art/crafts projects….

This festive number, I found on Deep Space Sparkle.  A pretty slick website for art teachers or homeschooling art wanna be's.  It is worth digging around on this site for easy ideas.  This project used up two of my new kitchen sponges and some random paints we had on hand.  It was a quick thumbs up.

The flowers were quickly followed up by this Klee inspired work.  I found it on an Italian art teachers website, she also has a lot of good ideas and her site is in both English and Italian.  She used a Sharpie and a set of school water colors.  She rated this one just so-so.

What will we come up with tomorrow?  How about 'let your mom sew all day long without disturbing her'?  I like the sound of that one!

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