more with the $$$ felt

I hate felt.  H-A-T-E felt.  Or I thought I did.  Until I bought some big $ 100% wool felt for these a couple of years ago.  My craft life changed.  Or it didn't.  But at least I thought about making things with felt.  Enter this crazy (good) Mmmcrafts lady.  Next up in the line up are these snow birds.

Also, I found this blog the other day.  TH is good for something besides stupid complaining sometimes I guess?  This woman can sew!  Way better than me!  It is always so exciting to find another crafty FS type in blog land.

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  1. Nicole of Sartorial Sewing is an A-100 colleague; if you haven't already met on FB, let me know if you want me to introduce you. You're both great!