an exhausting but great week

My best pal from Beijing days came to visit this past week.  She left at 3 am Friday morning and I have a terrible cold and am exhausted, both signs of a good visit?!  We went all over town and then we took the fast train and went all over St Pete.  We bonded in Beijing over knitting.  And we continued in Russia.  It was good.  Also, according to her, the famous deli with the mechanical puppets out front, has the best macaroons in Russia.  She is an expert and flew home with a dozen passionfruit flavored ones in her purse.

Things have been looking up all around.  The husband got his handshake, and I think it checks some boxes for me - a stand alone house with a yard, smaller schools, but still Europe.  The middle one had his first sleepover a couple weekends ago.  Yes, he is 11 and has never had a sleepover or been invited to one.   I think it went okay.  The guest was a mild mannered boy his age.  Mine craft was played, goofy you tube videos were shared.  Frankly it was way more low key that girl sleepovers we have hosted.  Less shrill perhaps?

Now off to haul down our air purifier, we have had a thing here this week….

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