it was too much

I had a bit of a fit a month or so ago at our travel arrangers office.  For three years every single time I got wind of a performance of 'Peter and the Wolf' I went to get tickets and they were sold out. So I had a fit and got special guest of the director tickets.
Yesterday we went to the Stan and Dan theatre to see said performance.  It was too…um, Russian for my taste.  The orchestra was fine.  Russian oboists helpfully sound like actual ducks.  Last chair violists sit and pick their nails and a cellist could not stop yawning.  I get it, this is not the piece to end all pieces.  But the musicians were fine.
The MC however drove me nuts.  She was at least a pack a day smoker.  And seemed to be only wearing a bra under her suit jacket, which to me, seemed an odd choice for a children's performance.  She was good, I guess? at her job of being over theatrical about everything.  But the whole taking small children from the audience and having them perform was weird.  As was the dancing and running in circles by all the children, except my two.  I think I will stick to boring conservatory concerts from now on.  No dancing, no running.  No theatrics.

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