Denmark makes everything better

Ah, Denmark.  My favorite European vacation so far.  I made the family drive all the way to the North Sea.  Where there were all kinds of cute little cottages with turf roofs.

This does not look like a giant hill, but it is.  Huge sand dunes all up and down the coast where we were.

This is not actually a dreamy scene in Copenhagen, but rather Lego Land.  That was why we went…it was fine.  And not too big….

And these are the dreamy cottages at LaLandia.  It is a water park place across the street from Lego Land and across a different street from Lego headquarters ad factory.  The cottages are great.  All Ikea. And they come with candle holders - and the mini mart sells candles - I guess the Danes need the hygge even when on vacation?  Really nice though.

And since I actually HATE indoor water parks, the cottages helped make up for that and so did these goats.  Baby goats.  In a field between our cottage and Water Land.  There were signs that said "Do Not Pick up the Baby Goats" after a few minutes in there with them - I totally see why.  And since we were in Denmark - we did what the Danes do and let our kids roam alone.  They spent hours alone with those baby goats.

Did I mention I love Denmark?

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  1. welcome to Denmark ! and to answer your question, candles are needed everywhere. including the Laundromat. or a restroom full of wooden flammable wine crates. we like it hygge over here ;) hope you're enjoying the break - we've had some gorgeous fall days!