I like my kitchen

I friend alerted me to a new FS blog today, Adaptation House.  And I know the author is a kindred spirt.  FLOR tiles - yes, done.  Slipcovers - done at some posts.  The above kitchen is mine made better with the stencil design on the back splash…the back splash made of the same formica as the countertops.  It was boring ville.  I found it on etsy.com of course.  At this shop where the owner made up a custom order for me.  It was not the cheapest thing I have ever done, but I like my kitchen a lot more now, so money well spent.  This was not the easiest crafty project ever, it comes in contact paper like roll sheets.  It is sticky.

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  1. I was just catching up on your posts and YAY, what a nice surprise! The back splash is such a great idea and so well executed. Thanks for the lovely mention and inspiration!

    -Liz (Adaptation House creator & kindred spirit)