the low stress guide to a consumables shipment

Low stress and consumables?!  In the same sentence?  yes indeed.  I am setting out to have a low stress/ no stress consumables shipment experience.

This summer we are moving to a somewhat European country that still has a consumables allowance.  We are lucky that we will be able to drive in one direction to an EU country and in another direction to a tiny military base that may or may not still be in business when we arrive at post.  I have been offered advice from some very tightly wound women about how to go about consumables.  I have also seen some drama filled posts on TH.  I plan to do the opposite!

This is my hand written on-going list.  It is in the back of my knitting pattern notebook, so it is always around.  I started jotting thing down a month or so ago as they came to me.

Here is my list so far -

Miracle Whip - don't judge, PJ's had it when I was a child in Africa and I grew up eating it
pizza sauce
pizza flour
Clorax spot cleaner
pear slices in mass - my picky daughter loves them, what can I say?
pancake syrup - yes, the gross stuff, not maple syrup
light brown sugar - lots
dark brown sugar - less than lots
almond - mint extract
pumpkin puree
baking powder
baking soda
tabasco sauce
salsa - gallons
chickpeas ?
paper plates for parties
napkins for parties
wrapping paper
tinfoil - cause sometimes local stuff sucks
saran wrap- again local stuff sucks sometimes
cooking decorating sugars and fun stuff
food coloring
soy sauce
Asian cooking stuff
baking chocolates
dog food
cat food
dog treats
almonds - in bulk because I love them

That's it so far.  And am I going to order all this from some special company?  No I am not.  I am going to drive to Costco, and Harris Teeter and maybe Trader Joe's even though I don't quite get the hype about that store.  And then I am going to pile it up in my mother's dining room until a moving company type guy comes to collect it.

* if you are moving to deep dark Africa.  The Africa of my childhood.  This list is not really for you.  Or it could be page 1 of 50.  I know I will be able to buy flour and olive oil and milk and lots of foreign but normal enough stuff.  Deep dark Africa may or may not have those things these days, so this list is not for you people going there.

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  1. Tightly wound women. So funny. I also love: pile it up in my mother's dining room...