picture less home leave

We left the camera cables at my mom's house so no cute pictures of the labrador LOVING the ocean.  I feel like we are now going to be guilty of dog abuse if we do not live in an oceanfront house full time.  He loves the beach that much.

Home leave and all the craziness continues.  This afternoon the kids all go to the dentist, except not the same dentist because that would be too easy...also we need to buy a European style bathing costume for the middle child, American style trunks + sand and salt water = a poor sad boy with a rash.
Fiddle camp has been paid for and the woman running it asked the most dreaded fs question "Where do I put you from?"  Um...I have no idea.  The middle child could fake being Canadian very well, the oldest helpfully suggestion Estonia.  Really.  His Canadian high school made a mistake they could never clear up and had him down as a non native English speaker, from Estonia.  So now it is a running joke.  He wants to pay a visit to his homeland once we are a short plane ride away.  Okay?!
I have almost finished knitting a baby sweater this week - a cute simple number for a friend's baby in NC.  Now searching for something to make her big brother.

Shower curtains have all been procured.  Once I place the Land's End order - after I figure out our new address - uniforms minus shoes will be taken care of.  And I forget what else I was rambling on about the other day.

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