home leave - now in pictures

This was in Ottawa before we actually left town - the splash pad at our neighborhood playground.  Everyone loves this place.

Oh Canada, where you can get free balloon hats on Canada Day at Old Navy.  Ottawa puts on a better day than we do in the US on the 4th.  Sorry, Americans, but it is true.

And the poor Canadian Wonder dog looking at me while trying not to succumb to heat stroke in the 3 minutes it took to fill up the gas tank.  He is NOT a fan of American summer.

Oh America, where we put difficult to remove temporary tattoo's on our faces and try to have fist fights while holding sparklers.  Happy 4th of July?!  And yes, it is 100 degrees and my son is wearing socks.  He must think he is German...or something.

The beach in beautiful South Carolina.  It might be time to retire than Polarn O Pyret bathing suit, but I do love the polka dots.

And the world's now happiest labrador.  This dog has spent most of this week wet.  He is allowed on the beach till 10 am and after 6 pm.  He loves the water and running around off leash on the beach.

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