home leave

oh home leave - how I am over you already.  I think we are officially on day 2 - the other days were technically driving days.

We are currently in the 'shopping like crazy people' mode.  I have mental lists going - still need another shower curtain.  And another suitcase.  And the car needs to visit the body shop.  And the pet certificates need to be done, but not till a magical number of days before we fly out.  How much doggie ear wash and shampoo for me do I need to put in the luggage before I can find a mule to bring me more?  I need to get the piano teachers contact info. from Dina.  I need to find a cello teacher - oh and still pay for camp.  And swimming lessons need to start the day we get off the plane.  And school shoes for two.  And I am glad the school sent the SKU numbers for the Gap uniforms but they don't match any USA Gap numbers so what is up with that?!

That is how the lists sound in my head.  Very helpful - not.  We have accomplished a few things - a biggie - the scaredy cat dog seems to have moved past his issues with the crate now that he has a giant new one.  Thank goodness.

Next up - a week at the beach.  Followed immediately by a week in the mountains.  I plan to sleep in and take a lot of naps.

Also - I think I now know I have a very big problem with size 7 girl clothing.  I went in Justice for the first time yesterday.  oh my.  If you have been overseas for years and are coming back to the US, skip it.  Don't go in.  Unless you want your small or preteen girl to look like she is ready to become a Lady of the Evening.  I rebelled by picking up a smocked Easter dress for my 7 year old.

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