Oh Ottawa

We can count the hours till we drive out of Canada.  We have been cramming in lots of stuff we never got around to doing while we lived here.  In no particular order..

- the nature museum one last time.  The whale exhibit was only so so.  But I am hard to please...

- we actually went inside the art museum to see the newish Van Gogh exhibit.  It was nice and crowded but the special gift shop was not full of junk my children whined for, so I was pleased.

- I went to The Vineyard wine bar with some friends.  It was fun, and dark but the $12 french fry meal was good.  Also my white wine flight was nice but I have a bad headache this morning...

- we went to Mt Cascades water park where I learned the people of Hull like tattoos and large ladies can wear bikinis - no problem.  I felt overdressed in my one piece.  Also it was only $15 per person but lunch was horrible.

- we have now seen every kid movie out.  None of them are super duper.

And today we will likely take the labrador to the park in our old neighborhood.  Tomorrow - pack up the car and enjoy Canada Day!

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