homeschooling - gap year - 12th grader

Our oldest child is leaving his beloved boarding school in rural Vermont and coming with us to our next post to have a 'life experience' or something...

So far we have set him up with a boring - dull - cheap as you can get Kindle and he is going through books at a fair clip.  I found two somewhat inspiring book lists for older teens, here and here.  I am on the hunt for some more fun books to keep him occupied.  So far we have an unofficial deal - we will keep him in books and he reads them and can have intelligent conversations about them.  No silly book reports or anything.

He will have some surfing lessons at Folly Beach for a few days.  And a week as the high school helper cellist at a music camp the middle son is going to in late July.

We do have some real things in the works for when we actually get to post - fencing club, an actual way to finish his two needed classes for graduation, maybe lacrosse with a bunch of expat men and some other stuff to keep him out of my hair.  Fingers crossed but so far so sort of maybe good?

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