the goings on

This is the last in the 1980's quilt trilogy.  My mother apparently really likes starting crafts but finishing things is not so much her thing.  This was a bear to quilt as the squares are not ironed down neatly on the back nor are they all made of...say cotton...I think there is a little 1970's polyester blend in there!  I ended up just tying it - but I had to use a crazy big sharp needle which made the whole thing unpleasant.  This quilt is totally a story of my African childhood - napkin fabric, pillowcases, African batiks I had dresses made I love it anyway.  Polyester blends and all.

And we were so so hopeful this would be the last day my middle son felt awful.  But that was apparently not to be.  This morning he woke up with a horrific case of strep throat.  I knew it was bad when our usually calm and quiet PNP made a little startled noise when he opened up for her.  2 full weeks of strong antibiotics, a determination to check out the hand washing set up in his class, and a re swab on day 14 to make sure.  I am over strep throat and tonsillitis!


  1. Aw, poor kid! I'd be over it, too! Had strep for 5 years which was cured only by having the tonsils out...was hoping that would work for him!

  2. Oh my!! Poor guy -- I so feel for him and all of you watching him so sick. NOT fun. And timing would never be good for something like this, but I know you are in the middle of moving before you move -- hopefully all is working out and this little man is up and hollering through the house again at top speed. Did he at least get to eat as much ice cream as he ever wanted?