Montessori education

I don't talk about it much, but I am actually an expert in something.  Montessori education.  I probably don't talk about it because 2/3 of my children are going to schools that is the opposite of Montessori education.  The kinds of school where they excel at learning to stand in lines.  But recently someone asked for some input on Montessori homeschooling and resources.  So I thought I would share a few things.  First up books - non Montessori written books.  All pretty easy to read and get through unlike some of Dr. Montessori's own works...

'Montessori Read & Write' by Lynn Lawrence.  Talks about language development from birth up through maybe 6 or so.  It breaks things down well for a non trained teacher.  Has lessons written up and includes grammar work - which is one of my favorite things ever.

'Montessori Play and Learn' by Lesley Britton.  Focuses more on practical life in the home environment.  Geared towards the toddler - primary set.   Has lots of simple games that are Montessori in feeling.  Some we even use in the classroom, such as The Silence Game.  Also has a lovely chart on what normalization looks like.  I am all about the normalization!

'Teach Me To Do It Myself' by Maja Pitamic.  Again for the younger set - toddlers through primary or aged 6 or so.  Lots of graphics and simple games/lessons.  Seem to all be down without the need for proper Montessori materials.

'How to Raise an Amazing Child in the Montessori Way' by Tim Seldin.  As a graduate of Tim Seldon's mothers training school, I might not think that much of him personally, but this is a pretty good book.  There is an awful lot of Ikea in the book, which can be easily copied.  I think this book is geared more towards newborns through aged 4 maybe 5.  It does a good job of showing how to do practical life at home.  There are a few lessons here and there in the book and there are some sections on tackling normal child development issues in a Montessori manner - tantrums for example.

These four books are a good start in reading up on how to create a Montessori home for your young child.  I am always a bit put out that all these books seem to just stop at age 6.  Montessori elementary is where it is at!  Maybe I will write my own book!?

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