I need to have my head examined

So I am busy prepping the house to - oh move to the other side of the world.  Also in the middle of machine quilting a quilt for the youngest.  I have 2 pairs of mittens going, each of which only has 1/2 of the first mitt.  So I though it was the perfect time to enter the skirt thing.  Maybe I should host a dinner party too - oh wait, I am doing that too!

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  1. I tend to find myself squeezing in tons more things when it's time to be winding down too. Hope you had a great dinner party and your crafty projects are making you happy while so much change is about to happen.

    Also, I thought of you when I saw the news today. You know, the lady who hit a moose on the highway in Canada and drove on not remembering it? Glad you are sticking with bears and turkeys. The moose bit looked scary.