what to buy to take to post

Apparently people love reading about the crazy others go through with getting UAB, HHE and luggage ready to go....who knew?  So the shopping has started a little.  We are trying to get everything in small spurts so we won't have to do the big ugly shop in the States this summer.  All you FS types know what I mean by that!  I am hoping to only need to do some ugly clothes and shoe shopping.

The small stockpile is growing.  I ordered some Yak Tracks for myself this morning since my last pair bit the dust and this frying pan that BA says is perfect and not likely to kill anyone.  Still on the hunt for some new winter boots for myself and more random stuff I think I need for the next 2-3 years.

In case anyone remotely is curious as to what the stuff pictures is - store brand Tylenol and Aleve, Large band aids, Angry bird band aids, pot holders, rotary cutting blade, dog bones, 3 of those surprise lego people packets to bribe middle child if needed, extra large dog rope, dog collar light, muffin tin - I need a new one after every tour, 2 plastic containers of my favorite mustard to make my favorite potato dish, store brand NyQuil - I think I bought it will sick, and some random kid toothbrushes.  We go through a lot of toothbrushes around here.

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