Slipcovers in the fs

This was our couch in Beijing after I went to MuXiYuan, the crazy fabric market, and bought a whole bunch of ultra suede cotton fabric and dealt with a tailor named Li Yi.  Actually, our beloved ayi dealt with Li Yi, who took the couch, loveseat and one side chair away for a week.  I was convinced I would never see them again and we would be billed $1,000's by GSO.  Li Yi did bring them back and we had wonderful, cheap, washable slipcovers.  But they were all red...not my best planning.  I have no idea how these slipcovers will look this fall after being in a bag, unused, for the last 5 years.  I hope they still look as good as they did in Beijing, but just in case I have been paying close attention to the below..

Lately there has been some wonderful slipcover advice, a lot of it from my friend Sarah, so without further adieu here is THE list of slipcovers to fit the basic boring Drexel couches. - this frankly looks as if Li Yi might be running it.  It doesn't look like it offers the sought after Ektorp covers, but at the bottom of the page it does list could be worth contacting them. - they have dreamy looking covers. - they have even dreamier covers - even velvet.

And of course good old Ikea sells the covers too.  If your a nervous shopper and live in an Ikea country, that could be your best bet.  Also check out Eve's blog.  She could make a career of decorating around the Drexel.

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  1. ahhhh... velvet!? if it wasn't for the drooly mastiff and the hairy lab...
    speaking of labs- did you see that article I forwarded you on FB from the NYT about the service dogs for children? so good! of course made me think of you and your furry friends.