FS Weekly Round up

The theme offered up for this week was 'Manners' but there was only 1 taker, so thanks to Nomads by Nature who wrote about minding your P's and Q's. Some excellent suggestions on being supportive of your fellow fs family.

So, now what? I thought I would poke around and see what people are up to worldwide.

Kate at Pulling Stakes sat through my personal version of hell - a 4 hour poetry cafe at her children's elementary school.

Moppyseed Puffin just found out they are going to Columbo. I remember flag day - so exciting!

Stephanie at WhereIntheWorld went basketshopping - or at least posed with some awesome looking baskets in India.

Over at What Were We Thinking they were on a Lincoln kick. I love their family photo btw - it seems to scream Tijuana to me.

Heather at The Wandering Drays just got the world's cutest little puppy. Not a labrador, but still cute.

The employee at The B Files scored very well on her Spanish test. Congrats!

At Fabling after a trip to Shape they seem to be well on their way to settling into their new home in Belgium. I used to love going to Shape as a kid - I wonder if they still call it Shape?

And Corinna at Knettles Travel is at the other end, just packing up to head to Dhaka. Is it me or are there a lot of bloggers in Dhaka?

I think that is about it for my round up. I checked in with some long time bloggers and some that were new to me.

If you would like to host the Weekly Round up, check here for sign ups. Thanks Kolbi!


  1. Totally late but I did a (totally tongue-in-cheek) review of a "proper etiquette for a Navy wife" book...http://heatherbrooksphoto.blogspot.com/2011/06/crap-i-forgot-to-pack-my-calling-cards.html

    (can't wait to read what everyone wrote!)

  2. Great job! I am looking forward to reading these. It's hard when you get very few submissions and you did a fantastic job with it. Thanks for hosting! (Sorry I didn't have anything thematic. We were flying home and getting ready for packout. I think it was a good theme though. I loved to advice to just reach out and try to be a friend.)

  3. Thanks for the mention! We did buy some baskets, although I really didn't need any more.

  4. I'm enjoying peeking in on the blogs you have highlighted. Thanks for hosting this week! It's a bit of work, but hopefully you had fun while putting it together. Well done!

  5. Great round-up! I enjoyed reading your summary of the week!