So how did I do?

Hmm...well I wish I could say I finished my previous to - do list. Not even close but I did make some progress.

2 p/t conferences for fabulous, smart and easy kids - check!

bidding - crossed one tropical place off the list after someone was honest! Thanks J! and the husband had a phone interview with another tropical place last night which went well I think.

I started painting bed frame #1 this afternoon - so far it is about 1/2 done in hot pink primer. The 5 year old wants it to stay pink....not so much the look I was going for.

Bought 2 birthday presents for yet another joint b-day party. I am over the joint b-day parties.

I did find 3/4 rain boots and they idea where that missing 4th boot might be.

I also tore the playroom apart today and it is still not remotely back together yet. Not a good sign since it is already after 5.

So still a lot to do. Maybe if I work harder it will take my mind off the oldest who is doing his best to disappoint in almost every way possible. Today's heartbreak - he dropped music. I have only carted his sorry behind to cello lessons in 4 different countries. For 12 years. sigh.

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  1. Was thinking about you today. Hope you are having a good one.