the spring to do list keeps growing

In no particular order is my spring - next week or 2 to do list. I am apparently going to be a very busy bee...of course, knowing me, the above knitting is going to keep me from getting a lot done on my list. At least I try...sort of.

order mulch
find a window washer and hire them
finish baby blanket #2
start looking for gift boxes for baby blankets #1 and #2
sand 2 bed frames
paint 2 bed frames bright red - after buying said paint
finish putting pictures in some frames which are already up on the wall...
finish a quilt - 'a' not 'all'
make a pair of baby pants
haul 2 duvets to the coin laundry
drive south to a nice quilt store and buy backing for next quilt
finish fixing an African chair we have - this might go on the husband's to do list
buy birthday gifts for 2 parties this Sunday
check rain boot situation and order as needed
work on bidding - nice how this is just hidden in the list!
buy dirt and start seeds indoors
Figure out how to train cat not to destroy all seeds started indoors
label toys bins
sort all random photos for start of huge photo project
wash and mail Eve's diapers
send someone in KL something super

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