I am doing well

So 1/2 of the red bed project is done. My daughter LOVES her new bed. The brother's bed is currently in our bathroom, painted in hot pink primer. I have high hopes I might get it painted by tomorrow and by Sunday will be dry enough to set back up. Fingers crossed that works out.

And here are the goodies my two swap pals sent me. Yes, two, as the organizer I felt like I had to luck out, I mean, take on two people when there ended up being an odd number....The groovy blue bag and the half covered up metal lizard which is 1/3 of a set - are from the lovely Shannon. The eagle batik type fabric, the red crochet bag and bangles are from a lovely woman in Freetown. The other two lizards have already found a home in the Playmobil doll house I think....Thanks to you both, I hope everyone else has felt the swap pal love as I have!


  1. just found your blog! i love the bed, and how it looks with the pink quilt.