My dearest knitting friend is coming to visit in a few weeks.  Normal women email back and forth about what sites they are going to see..not us - we go back and forth about what knitting she should bring!  Which brings me to my stash.  The above photos if about 1/4 of the stash.  The crap yarn needed to go.  So off it went in a large bag to our neighborhood free table.  The free table is magical.  You can put anything on it.  Anything.  And it will disappear within minutes.  It's handy.  

My SIL has a goal to design an app by the end of the year.  I wonder if she meant 2014 or the school year?  Whichever, I am super impressed.  But that is her thing.  I would like to design more knits.  That is my thing.  Not sure how original my new scarf pattern is but I like it.  And double bonus - it's made from yarn gifted to me by the very same SIL! 

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