A little Moscow adventure

So the cooking project has been derailed by illness.  Boo.  Oh well, I can get back on that horse again in a couple of days.  In the meantime I had an adventure today!

I ordered some complicated glasses about 4 weeks ago.  No calls telling me they were ready nor any calls from random Russians who might actually be trying to tell me the glasses were ready.  So today I reached the limit on blindness and decided to get someone to call and see if my glasses were ready.  So I headed to the commissary because of course that's what you do.  Actually, all my contacts are in the commissary.  Thanks to my oldest working there, they go out of their way to hook me up.  So someone calls and no answer.

So I decided to hike to the store….where I discovered it was gone.  Empty.  Electric lines dangling from the ceiling.  These complicated glasses cost around $800 USD.  I felt faint.   But then I noticed a little map photocopied and put on the door.  With penciled directions.  Surely this must be their new location.  So I bravely set up with a photo on my phone of said map.  I find the shop - but gee, the logo looks sort of different.

I hand the woman my $$$ receipt.  She looks at it and shakes her head.  I remember my days at the River Garden Management desk and start speaking English a little too loudly "What?!  But the map to THIS shop was on the door?!"  Then out pops the head lady who speaks English beautifully and draws me a map to the new location of the shop.  She also tells me I paid way too much and she loves Canada.  Apparently when I get worked up I sound Canadian?  I went with it.

Luckily the map was real and I found the new location of the shop - and the same lovely woman who sold me the glasses was even there.  They let me use their washroom and she clued me in to why they had to move - a high end grocery that I love was taking over the old shop.  Fabulous news.

My Russian adventures always, always have a kind Russian helping me in them.

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