a kick in my hand knit pants

My best knitting pal in Moscow moved this summer…I may had actually shed a tear or two.  But low and behold a mom from school, who I knew was a neighbor of sorts to my pal, got in touch and invited me over for knitting with her friends.

For about the last 7 years I have knit with women who are only okay at their craft (with one self taught exception in KL). In Beijing I totally lucked out.  I hooked up with Grace pretty soon after we arrived and we knit through thick and thin for 2 1/2 years.  Through gestational diabetes and childbirth, antics of our assorted children, ayi drama, hospitalizations, Beijing traffic and trips to wild markets.  I also became a Master Knitter (yes, it's a thing) while in Beijing and Grace still kicked my knitting butt.  She also had a much larger yarn budget which helped her case, but whatever.  Every week at Starbucks she would pull out something fantastic.

These woman put Grace to shame.  They were all Dutch.  Three of them brought their labradors to knitting.  They drank a lot of sweetened tea and pastries.  Not one said, in English at least, a word about sugar and the gym.  Each one in turn started pulling out her latest FO's and Wow O Wow.  I have found my tribe and it turns out, they are Dutch.

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