wanted - 4 or 2 bedroom apartment - nice not moldy..

So this will all be amusing one day but that day is not today.  The oldest kid is finally moving out - Happy Happy Joy Joy - and going off to a school of higher learning.  BUT, of course there is a BUT, it has no dorms.  And they don't really help you find a place to live…but they did hook me up with 2 other mothers and one kid.

The kid wanted to just get an RV and park it.  Thankfully my kid decided that was a stupid idea and wasn't interested.  Then another kid has to pay his own rent but has a car, so he is living on one of the outer islands.  Or so he wants to, I didn't have the heart to tell his mother most of that island is trailers. Like trailer park trailers.  But whatever.  Good luck to them.

The last mother/kid combo seems promising.  The mom used to work at FSI and knows our kind of crazy.  Fingers crossed they are a go and we magically find a 2 bedroom something or other than is not in the high tide/flood plain nor full of 100 year old mold in some gorgeous houses basement.

Let this drama please play out quickly and painlessly!

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