there is something in the water here

Everyone on my compound is pregnant or has a small baby.  Except, thankfully, me!  It is crazy.  Even a new arrival yesterday was heavily pregnant.  Like she is probably already on the way back to the airport for her pregnancy medivac.  or soon, anyway.

The drama of student apartment hunting from afar seems to be coming to a close nicely.  Hurrah!  Girl Scouts is growing like crazy.  My first year as head honcho we had less than 30 girls total, this summer, we already have that many signed up early bird for next year.  Go me!  It will be even better this year as we have lost a few leaders….who have given me a run for my money.  Or made me cry, whichever.  And I have a fire cracker of a woman to help me run the show next year.  A former lawyer who has been known to curse and feels fine telling difficult adult women to get a grip.  I love her!  And bidding is finally starting to go well.  Or pre-bidding.

What else?  Oh the feeling in the neighborhood has recently improved.  Morale is up.  Even my 9 year old mentioned it the other day, 'I am so glad the two bully girls moved away!  Is that wrong to be happy about?'  No sweets - I feel the very same way!

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