a dry spell

I recently got home from a conference in Rome.  It was dreamy and lovely and all that I hoped Rome would be.  The conference was good and inspiring.  And I got support from the higher ups at head quarters.  All good.

But…while I was there I met two great women.  I met a lot of great women, but two in particular I clicked with.  It made me re-read some of my friend of a friend's book, 'The Foremost Good Fortune'. In it she writes about expat wives and the almost dating game we play.  Coffee with women we don't really know at all, dinner out, a trip to the far off shopping place.  Sometimes we click, sometimes we don't but are so lonely we make due, and sometimes you decide the woman across the table at Starbucks could actually be crazy and you vow never to meet up with her again if at all possible.  I am not one to have 50 fake best friends so this lifestyle can be hard.   I miss my few best friends around the world and hope, as I always do, that someone I click with will move into the neighborhood this summer.  Or I start taking a lot more trips to see my friends.  Paris?  Ottawa?  Kiev?

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  1. Well, you know you've always got the Bernardaschlink offbeat personalities who think you are great. So add Recife and the Ro' to your list (since you've already got Kiev down…)