wishing for slow motion

This time of year, especially when you have kids in school, moves at the speed of light.  There is always too much going on.  All the time.
The last few weeks have been crazy.  It was announced a big deal was coming to town, the next day my daughter came down with the chicken pox, then I left for a conference while the husband worked to get ready for the visit - all. weekend. long.
I think there was a lot of tv viewing on Miss chicken pox's part, but everyone survived.  Also I learned American parents are horrified when they hear your child has the chicken pox.  They practically ask to see your child's yellow card.  European parents are not.  They don't have such a vaccine and still think chicken pox is normal and not something to be talked about it the same voice usually reserved for the plague, or locusts, or other things that indicate the end of the world is upon us.

I have two big events in the works.  They are not going off without a lot of annoyance.  It would not be the end of the year if I was not annoyed, I guess?

And then we have the news.  I am a news junkie.  A serious news junkie.  Yesterday was a full day for that here.  I think I will haul the sewing machine out to recover from news overload.  And maybe time will slow down.

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