It's May!

Since it's May, it must be time for my yearly stressed out crazy woman rash.  Last year I had it for weeks and weeks.  It started with strep throat that would not end for one kid and took hold with a crow in mourning.  In my yard.  Who would not shut up and made loud crow noises day and night for weeks.  Or A week.  I forget.  But I remember the rash.  And now I have it again.

So I have tried to stop/slow down/have more fun/ignore the stress.  We will see how I feel and/or look tomorrow morning....I went out for an ice cream cone and it was good.  And the woman working the counter at Baskin and Robbins spoke lovely English.
Also I ordered that adorable bunny kit.  Available here but they sell out fast, so hurry if that Liberty of London dressed bunny speaks to you.  I missed out the last go round....

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