decorating around the Drexel

A few weeks ago I talked to a friend in deep dark Africa, and she told me what to do to make my living room better.  With Drexel.  I think this should be her new business as I was so inspired after talking to her.  She will remain nameless because I have not checked with her...she might not want her skype ringing off the hook with FS types calling day and night.  'What can I do with my hideous living room!  I will email photos!'

So here is my living room in all it's cozy glory.  The lightening is a little wonky because it is dark here.  Always dark.

I have not yet bought any plants which might soften things up.  The small quilt I made.  I also see that  the cords have not magically steps.

That chair came from an antique store in Harare about 30 years ago.  Also I need to buy more art...seems wonky on the walls after I moved things....

The wardrobe is actually a DVD cabinet we had made in China.  Very handy, heavy and interesting.  The lamps, also from China, the sheepskin from New Zealand and the cat is Malay.

The piano was mine starting in middle school and we ship it all over.  The dog is Canadian.

The quilt I made from left over flying geese pieces my mom put together probably in the 80's.  The dog is looking pitiful.

Now I need to put in another call to deep dark Africa and get some help with the dining room...

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