sometimes I get it right...

Since I was actually a Montessori teacher long long ago I know a thing or two about teacher gifts.  Some teacher gifts suck.  Some suck really big.  No teacher on earth wants an apple mug filled with hershey kisses.  Sorry, but they don't.
 The above is what I managed to get my daughter's 1st grade teacher this year.  I think it is going to be a big hit since she has one of these very unique dogs - a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  And she is Canadian, eh.
  I lamed out a little on the 3rd grade teacher - he is getting a gift card to the book store.  He is a big reader although I know he would much rather have had a big bottle of Scotch...maybe someone else will come through for him.

Last year I also did really well for one of the SK teachers.  It was her first year and she was lovely.  I mean really really lovely and on top of everything all year long.  So I gave her the perfect gift.  A plain white tablecloth and some embroidery supplies.  She did a great job of saying "Oh how lovely!" to my daughter, but it wasn't until I explained what she was to do with them that the tears started.  Every year at the end of the year, the student in your class handwrite their names on the table cloth and then you embroider over the writing.  I have one and it is my favorite thing from my teaching years.  I got a note from her last week saying she had it ready to take in to this years class.
So sometimes, I do get it right!

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