no wonder I am tried

In the last 2 weeks we did an awful lot.  Girl Scout Bridging ceremony for Canada's smallest American Daisy.  Also - those girls loved this cake.  Who knew little girls like cream cheese frosting?!

Same small girl won Outstanding First Grader of the year.  I know that is boastful, but if you knew my oldest, you would encourage me to brag away.  I deserve one easy child that other people love.

Again with the same small girl - finish to her 3rd outstanding soccer season.  Her middle brother used to  'do' soccer.  The coach once asked us if he was 'special' because he rarely moved on the field....seriously.

Oh and we did this - we sold a bunch of heavy furniture and had three long days of movers and sent all our worldly belongings away on a ship.

And today we finally got to do something that I have been wanting to do for about a year - we went to visit Almanzo Wilder's childhood home.  It was good and old and totally not commercialized.  They had one tour guide type - which you did not have to use at all.  And a couple of high school students ran the gift shop.  We bought a cannon pencil sharpener for $2.50 and a hand sewn bonnet for $12.  Happiness all around!

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  1. I didn't know that the Wilder home existed! What a cool piece of history to go through and explore!!