the to-do pile

The big PCS move is approaching, the open house to sell a house that is not even mine is even faster approaching - as in next Sunday!  The oldest is continuing to provide us with constant drama and the middle child has had the worst and longest throat infection ever and will thus be getting his tonsils out in April.  So, I have been trying to finish up the crafting to-do know, to avoid dealing with all those other things!

The long dog cross stitch is almost done.  I have another pattern but I refuse to even dream of starting it in North America - it is all too addicting.  The stripy scarf got tossed.  It was Noro just with alternating stripes but the cat ate a hole in it and I was going to fix it...but then the cat ate several more holes in it - so in the trash it went!  That bald headed dolly is bugging me a lot - maybe her hair will be next...

But then this just arrived in the mail least some of my 'problems' are not that bad.

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