more with the decorating

I have big plans for our next post.  I am going to have fabulous slipcovers AND do this to my walls.  At some posts you can paint, not all I am sure, but we have painted at all 3 of our posts.  Nothing this intense,  more the 'paint a wall to cover up the Sharpie art your 3 year old did' type stuff.

Seriously if you are not aware stencils have moved beyond Kountry Kitchen boarder motifs, you should check it out.  I found these few stores on and it looks like a few of them might also sell on ebay.

Royal Design Stencils

Olive Lead Stencils

Cutting Edge Stencils

Tomorrow I will offer up a different idea if you are scared of paint.

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  1. those are too cute. oh the possibilities! thanks for sharing!