if you are scared of paint and love wallpaper

If you want somewhat the same look as the stencils but are not able to buy paint in your host country or your afraid of stencils - you can try this.  Renters wallpaper which supposedly comes down easy peasy when your ready to move.  There is a blog post from Oh Happy Day about her experience...she might also suggest wearing a silk white shirt while doing it but whatever.  The Sherman Williams website is not user friendly and most of the wallpaper looks like wallpaper, but there are some gems.  It is a little pricey but for a small space or if your desperate it could be do-able.


  1. Love the silk shirt comment. When I read her mom uniform post I laughed at the ridiculousness of it.

    If I wasn't completely lazy I might consider that for the baby nursery.

  2. what I've always wondered about that wallpaper was if you could rehang multiple times? Maybe not since it'd be cut to the size of your walls already. hmmm. I hope one of us gets the chance at our next posts to try it out.