the life list

So how am I doing on the life list?  I think I need to edit and re-vamp it being a new year and all...

I have finished the following in the last year or so -

taken my daughter to see the Nutcracker, the Canadian Nutcracker, but still..
train a guide dog
teach my daughter to knit
ice skate down a canal
learn how to put in a zipper
teach the kids the pledge - all 3 now know it, thank you 1st ever US Girl Scout troop in Canada
learn to snow shoe
finished one of my mother's 1980's quilts, and have two others underway in various stages

Maybe tomorrow I will get around to a new improved life list.  Everything will feel new again.
Happy 2012!

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  1. Congratulations on the goal reaching! I'm jealous of the Nutcracker. How did the Canadian version differ? Or was it exactly the same? Hoping you all had a great time issuing in 2012. We managed to make it to midnight and heard fireworks, but other than that it was really low key. All the best wishes for the new year!