some fun things to hand sew

This is a long dog sampler I did when we were still in China. It was addictive. SERIOUSLY addictive. I would love to do another one of their samplers. The French can do samplers.

a kit to order from this awesome blog, I have also ordered and made up most of her Xmas ornament kits. I also have her second book and it has fun and very lovely things to make in it.

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  1. Beautiful work! Hand sewing (embroidery, and later, cross stitch) was one of the first crafts I ever got into. At 9-10yo I used my mom's sewing threads to sew decorations all over my jeans. I put away my projects when the kids were born, and am only now getting back into crochet and learning to quilt. I have been thinking about more sewing though... I am sure it's only a matter of time! Thanks for the links.