finishing things up

So I am bored, nothing new. Actually I am probably not bored, I am just not that impressed with all the school business that is May and June. All the school seems to want of parents is to make them exhausted. How many different types of end of year parties can there really be?! So, in an effort to bring on the happy, I have been working hard on my mitired blanket. I bought all the wool-cashmere blend at the infamous Wool Spinning City in Beijing. I then sat at a cafe through almost every child Chinese lesson in KL...well, after I sat through listening to the other mothers make disparaging comments about me before they realized my Mandarin is actually ok...

So all the squares are done now, I think, I have not counted lately. But I moved on to adding an edging. So I have about 30 odd more squares to edge. Then I sew it up and figure out some kind of backing. I think currently thinking cream or wild flannel backing.

I don't think this is on the official life list, but I have been carting these things around far too long. Plus we no longer have a lamp in the tv room so knitting is all I can do blind at night...maybe when it is done I will look into buying a new lamp.

In other more boring and unrelated news...pre-bidding continues. I have agreed to my husband's top pick and he has agreed to mine. Both are hardships posts, I mean Hardship posts - with a capital H. And that ear tube/adenoid surgery the youngest had last November seems to have been a total waste - she is back to poor hearing and chronic ear infections. Awesome.

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