paper dolls

I am, I think, the lone person who still likes simple things for my kids. Santa brought these paper dolls for my 5 year old this year and they are a hit. They are from Lily and Thistle and they are lovely. They also come with a cd of all the dolls so if your paper doll has an accident, you can reprint another. I think she also sells them in pdf versions, so this would be super for a fs person with not so reliable mail but who has a good supply of printer ink. I am eyeing the birthday party set - it would be unique around here at least!
I should confess I sort of needed to buy paper dolls because when we unpacked all our junk from Hagerstown, I unearthed my Prince Charles and Lady Di paper dolls, which I will not let the 5 year old touch!

Off to work on the never ending quilt - at least it's snowing and the fire is going, so I don't feel like I am supposed to be doing anything else.

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  1. Those are really cool! Thanks for sharing the link.