I bore myself

What on earth is there is blog about today - absolutely nothing.
It snowed the last two days.
After a record 4 full days back at school the 7 year old likely has streph throat. I think it might be about time to talk to our health care provider - who I have to drive to another whole country to see - about how many times he has had streph and what the magic number is for tonsil removal. After the ear tube/adenoid removal fiasco for the 5 year old I can hardly contain my excitement about that idea. really.
My big goal this winter, besides not going crazy from total boredom and cabin fever - is to make stuff like crazy and lighten our load. We still have another 18 long months or so at post but my fs biological clock is ticking like crazy - "tick, tick, must get rid of 500 lbs! tick, tick." It is even worse this time because a. I want to take the piano with us for the first time ever and b. we have a lot more of our Hagerstown crap here so it just seems way worse than ever before and finally c. we live in the worlds smallest house. Thank you LQA.
In an effort to embrace winter I think I will now go outside and clean the car off so it might not be quite so bad tomorrow morning...I love winter.


  1. I have two and half years left and I swear as I was packing up the Christmas stuff I was thinking I really need to get rid of some of this junk.

    I know it is a bad day when I find myself staring at real post reports and thinking about where we can go next.

  2. Ha! I think you and I spend our days the same way Shannon. I have harassed my husband into looking at the projected openings list more than once.