Operation get my health in order in underway

Barring snow, I will be driving very far 4 times in the next two weeks to get medical care. After having child #3 in China I have a bum hip...don't even ask. And I have to get it fixed or at least looked at. Said child is about to turn 6 so it is getting a little embarrassing.
For some reason though I have decided that I need to fix everything else first. So Monday I go to the chair of torture...I mean dentist. I already went once where I was told I need 4 fillings fixed and all 4 wisdom teeth out. Come Monday I am on step a. Tuesday will be a trip to the dermatology NP. Fun times. But at least it's in a different town where you have to watch out for Amish. I mean, watch out for Amish in their buggies so you don't run over them. The Amish themselves seem ok, though a lot of them clearly have birth defects...but I digress.
Then we have a trip to the oral surgeon for a consult. Have to make sure they have the full on drugs before I agree to anything.
Then final stop in this epic drama is a trip to the midwife. No, no babies here. I need my thyroid checked and she does it. What is crazy about this midwife is that I live in a foreign country and she lives in a very economically depressed US city. Very. I walk in and hear her accent, I ask "Where are you from?" - alwasy good to break the ice on your first visit, right? She says Chapel Hill. I say "But I am from Chapel Hill" then it takes the two of us 5 seconds to realize we know some of the same people. Such a small world so very far from Chapel Hill.

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