Mighty Life List

So I wrote up a short life list a while back. I got the idea from here. Her's is probably more interesting, and longer and she had a paid sponsorship to get several of her things done. I would be more than happy to get them done faster if someone paid me!

Anyway, how am I doing with it?

My 5 year old can knit. Garter stitch, but she is pretty good and she will be a knitter.

I have bookmarked a recipe for pain au chocolat. So that is something.

I am going snowshoeing for the first time this Friday. Thanks to my fellow Austrian.

Graphic design. I taught myself how to make a blog button, the one for the swap. I think I could even make a banner. That might be enough for now.

I think we know for certain what the #2 kid is allergic to for right now. So far this winter his skin is not like red sandpaper, so that is something.

I think whole wheat bread love it coming off the list. I have tried. Really I have. But the only whole wheat bread I will eat is so packed full of sugar and other stuff it hardly makes it worth it. I blame my fs upbringing for my ability to only eat white bread. And my milk issues. Try being forced to drink powdered milk in Africa as a child and see how you turn out.

Thanks to my high school friend, Elliott, I have some nice new piano books. I am playing everyday.

Train a guide dog - check. The guide dog is doing really well. She will probably leave us before the summer. She is a super dog and will make some local and their family very very happy and hopefully make their life easier. We will miss her, but if we get Africa next - we ARE getting a dog. A labrador. The husband is unaware as of yet.

I am working on the quilts and have made a few more pairs of socks.

So it is all coming along.

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