A year after we arrive---

I finally am getting around to doing up the tiny bedroom the two youngest share. First thing - box spring covers out of the above. The whole girl/boy sharing room is tough, can't have too much pink or blue. Red, I hope, can go either way. I am a little worried as I think sewing fitted sheets is at the very limits of my sewing abilities. If it goes badly I plan to mutter things about never again going to an LGA post - Never!

I suppose I should thank Donna, who I don't know in real life, for including me in the FS blog round up this week. Thanks Donna! I think I sent her a fan email after reading one of her pieces in either FS Journal or That's Beijing. I think the topic may have been tai tai life. Of course, her tai tai life was a touch different than mine, like she has a career she could keep going….

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